Losing hard drive formatting

Losing hard drive formatting

Post by Gelu » Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:02:24


I've had a * problem for several weeks. Windows suddently reports my
second hard drive as unformatted.

I have a Quantum Fireball AS 20 Gb as the primary master and
another Quantum (smaller) 4.3 Gb as secondary master

The fisrt drive has 4 partitions (2 NTFS, 1 EXT2, 1 LinuxSwap)
and the second has one FAT32 partition.

Is all OK for a week or two then "out of nowhere" Windows 2000 reports the
second drive as not beeing formatted.

Some help will be great



1. A problem with my second hard drive: Two drive letters, one single hard drive

A few months ago, I had experienced problems with my second hard drive that
was installed on my Windows 98SE machine. It has an AMD K6-1 processor at
233MHZ, 64 MB SDRAM, 4GB Hard Drive (my first drive), 2.5GB Hard Drive (my
second drive), 4X CD-ROM drive (i know it's old, but i'm planning to upgrade
it in the near future) and a 2x write/2x re-write/6x read CD burner. The
problem is something with my secondary drive, my 2.5GB Hard Drive. I've
first bought that drive at a Computer show on November 2002. It was working
fine when I installed it in properly and sucessfully. When I found out when
I decide to do a clean installation of my operating system on my C: Drive,
there's something that I should tell you that will shock you. I've rebooted
my computer, put the startup disk (customized with FDISK and DELPART)  in my
floppy drive. Start the installation from the CD-ROM and used the Delpart
utility to remove the partitions on my computer. I've removed the C:
Partition off my computer. Without knowing, I accidently removed the other
partition (which is my second hard drive) off my computer intentionnally
without noticing. This, in my prediction, caused the second hard drive to
assign another letter and thus move the drive designation letters up one
letter. The other day, I've completely did a clean installation of my
Windows installation. But I discovered that the secondary drive (which is my
2.5GB Hard Drive) has anothe letter assigned on it's own drive. It assigned
a E: drive and it has the exact duplicate of my drive. This does not contain
other operating system or a previous version of Windows (even with a few
tries), just only the downloads and other files.

Here's how it goes:

As shown (predicted) after the Clean installation of Windows 98SE:

3 1/2 floppy
C: Hard Drive
D: Hard Drive }
E: Hard Drive  } both in one secondary drive
G: CD- Burner

Should be like this:

C: Hard Drive
D: Hard Drive
F: CD-Burner

I believe that the E: is a virtual drive on my secondary drive in my
prediction, so I don't know how this is caused in my computer. It occured
maybe before the new year.

So, do you know what caused the drive letters to add in to my secondary
drive and change my other drive letter designations to go up one letter? How
do I remove it ? Should reconfigure the IDE jumpers and use a partitioning
program like FDISK and DELPART? I don't feel like putting that secondary
hard drive on my other computer because it will be the same as the Windows
98SE computer. Or even in worse cases, throw the drive away?

If you have any questions comments or suggestions to my computer problem,
please do not hesistate to do so. Thanks.

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