Getting back onto network/Bypassing password login

Getting back onto network/Bypassing password login

Post by Alex » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 05:05:24

To logon automatically without the need for password

Start > Run > (type) control userpasswords
Select your user account and at the top it should say something abour
requiring the user to type in password.

I have no idea how you can bypass the security screen.  That, you will need
to figure out.

Quote:> I'm wanting to log into my office network without always
> having to go through the login and password.

> I tried removing my password through network
> administration, but now I can't even get logged back onto
> my computer at all. I keep getting a security screen that
> basically says I do not exist.

> What hot key or shortcut can I hit on restart to bypass
> the security screen and get back to where I started and
> get this sorted out??

> And...once I'm back on the system, how do I remove the
> need for a password without losing myself on the network
> again??


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