HELP shared storage problem

HELP shared storage problem

Post by Gregg » Sun, 18 Mar 2001 03:00:36

I have a compaq proliant cl380.  It has two nodes, six shared drives and two
controllers.  The problem is:  I set up all the permissions on the shared drive
(on node 1).  I turned on node 2 and all my shared files are now 'not shared'.  
Any suggestions on why this is?


When I create a shared file on shared storage, it turns into 'non shared' when I



1. HELP! Problems with Removable Storage Manager

I have a strange problem with the Removable Storage Manager in W2000. I have
a couple of tapes that RSM refuses to recognize as 4 mm DDS (which they
are). When I load one of these tapes in to the tape station they appear in
the "Free Media\Unknown" folder in the tree. When I try to prepare the tape
RSM claims that the tape is write protected; well - it's not hadware write
protected anyway.

I know that these tapes have been used in a failed NT Backup session. Could
it be that NT backup sets some kind of permissions, so that I (as an
administrator) can't get access to the tape?

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