CPU goes to 0%

CPU goes to 0%

Post by <Richard Manson> » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

 I run win2000 on an Abit-BP6 MB (with 2 processors).

 Oddly, while there are programs running, windows seems to stall. Even the
Explorer fails to respond.

Only the task manager will run, showing that all process consume 0% of CPU.

 If I choose to shutdown via Ctrl-Alt-Del, it fails to stop the computer.

It can happend while the computer is running number-crunching programs on
both processor or just while playing a game such as Starcraft (which use
less than 30% of CPU on the average).

 What happends ? Something such as a lockup in the kernel ? in a driver ?
Could it be ACPI related ? (ACPI is enabled)

 How to qualify the problem ?




CPU goes to 0%

Post by pinchb.. » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

> It can happend while the computer is running number-crunching
programs on
> both processor or just while playing a game such as Starcraft (which
> less than 30% of CPU on the average).

If the OS is still running underneath then you aren't seening a kernel
error.  Possibly there's something that has cause the Desktop to fail
to respond?

COM components (ActiveX, OLE Automation, etc.) can cause Explorer to
hand if they are hung themselves.  It is also possible that if a
component crashes that it will bring down Explorer itself.  This is a
design flaw in the Explorer Desktop and is annoying as hell.

I've worked with programmers that will set their desktop to CMD.EXE
just so they can get around this annoying problem.  I haven't reached
the limit of my patience, yet.


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1. 2nd CPU gone bad?

Hi all,

I tried to install a SoundBlaster Audigy, yesterday.  I followed the
directions.  Now when I boot Win2k Pro SP2, the system freezes right when
the Win2k white boot screen appears.  I see the Windows logo but no
progress bar movement.  I removed the Audigy, ssytem freeze.  I put the
SB Live Value! back in, system freeze.  Boot safe mode, system freeze when
the blaok screen start windows progress bar completes.  I boot from the
Win2k CD-ROM, system freezes when status bar says "Stating Windows

My system:

Dual PII 350 (Gateway E-5200-350)
  No integrated sound, video, modem, or NIC
  The CPUs are plugin cards.
Intel BX440 chipset
Pheonix BIOS (00aang)
384MB Pc100 RAM (3 128MB sticks)
AGP slot: Matrox G450 LE (Dual monitor setup)
PCI slot #1: Empty
PCI slot #2: SMC 10/100BaseT NIC
PCI Slot #3: SoundBlaster Live or Audigy (or Empty)
PCI slot #4 (shared ISA): Hauppauge WinTV/FM tuner card
ISA Slot: Empty
LS-120 Superdrive (B:)
HD #1: 10GB 7200 RPM (C: NTFS 5GB, D: NTFS 5GB)
Atapi CD-ROM (E:)
USB Zip250 (F:)
HD #2: 80GB 5400 RPM Maxtor (G: NTFS dynamic disk)

I did unplug the power cord before pulling any cards.  I was not wearing
socks.  I did touch the case first.  I get no error messages when booting
up.  I have been having USB port problems with the USB ports shutting

Is this Creative's new way to resolve SMP problmes (i.e. destroy the
second CPU)?  Or could it be the USB port controller?  I'll probably take
the system to a local computer shop and have them take a look.  

I would be really heart broken if I have to buy a new case/mainboard/CPU. :)
But, I want to make sure that I need to.

Any advice will be apprciated.

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