A single computer being a node on 2 different networks

A single computer being a node on 2 different networks

Post by Charles Spanea » Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:29:27

Is it possible to have a Windows 2000 computer be a node
on 2 different networks at the same time.  In other words,
can a computer have a network ID on a domain network (used
for work) and a workgroup peer to peer network (home
network).  If so, how could I set it up?  Thanks.

Charles S.


1. Single Nic, how to setup connection for different networks.

Hi all.
Is there any way that i can have 2 Different network
connections setup in Win2k, but they both use the same nic.

I go from a static ip network, to dynamic network every
day (Notebook). And each time i have to change my tcp/ip
settings.  What i would be nice is to have 2 network
connections for the one nic, one setup with dynamic
settings, and one with my static IP settings. And be able
to enable and disable them, depending where i am.

Anyone know if this can be done, if so how?  

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