increasing file handles on win2k

increasing file handles on win2k

Post by Mark Morgenster » Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:57:50

I am switching from a Novell/ipx network to a Windows 2000 server.

On the Novell server, we had a dos application running (Foxpro).  Because of the
many files that it opened, we had to increase the FILE HANDLES under NET.CFG and
decrease them in CONFIG.SYS since there is a limitation of a combined ount of 254.

We now moved to Windows 2000.  We have some clients that must boot in dos.  We
are using the Microsoft Network client version 3 for MS-DOS.

Is there an equivilant property in the tcp/ip ini files to increase FILE HANDLES
as there was under Novell/ipx in the NET.CFG file?



1. Increasing file handles

I'm attempting to run an old program (Maximizer) on my
laptop which runs Windows2000 as its OS.  When I open  
Maximizer I get an error message which says I have an
insufficient number of file handles specified and need to
change the number to at least 99.  It refers to doing this
in the "config.sys", but I guess that no longer is a valid
approach in Windows2000.  I remember asking a while back
about how to do this in WindowsXP (the OS on my desktop
computer) and I got a reply with an approach that worked
just fine. Now I need to know how to increase the number
of file handles in Windows2000.  Can anyone help?  Thanks
in advance.

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