Security Policy?

Security Policy?

Post by Jag » Thu, 14 Nov 2002 08:15:57

Dear Newsgroup,

I am using Windows 2000 Pro. Do I use the security policy editor to set up a
"Guest" account that can log onto my PC locally and just use IE to browse
the net and maybe use word/excell and only those other programmes I choose?
I want to hide all other menues and folders and set up a given desktop that
cannot be changed.

The thing that started this off was that a friend of mine had a PC that
broke down and he needed to write his CV using my Word program then connect
to the net, use his webmail account and then send the CV to his new employer
etc. I was not going to be watching himat the time as I was away from home,
but even though I trusted him completely, it would still have been nice to
just let him logon as Guest and be sure he was not able to do anything to my
files, se any of my private documents and accounts/home bills and just do
what I gave him access to do.

I have no idea how to use Policies at all and did try messing around with
them once, only to find I have messed up my system a little.

Please can someone give me a simple explanation of how I can set a given
user to access only the things I want them to, even to the point of not
being able to alter their desktop. I can then create shortcuts on their
desktop to only those programmes I want them to use and not give them any
access at all to the "Start" menu etc.

Mant thanks for your help,