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After a few posts and a reinstall (yeah it's me jim) all
seemed well. I had a Win2k DC, IIS, running DNS and E2k,
and a XP pro workstation browsing the net by way of
secureNAT. I also went ahead and created a destination set
for IIS and the Terminal Server Web Client. Tested it all
from various sites and all was well. just before I went to
bed, the workstations lost their web connections. (The Web
Publishing Rule Still Worked) The server will lose its
connection sometimes as well (1.5 Sprint DSL)
A friend told me that he has issues dual homing in win2k
that he never had in nt4. And that net connection would
cease to function until he disabled the internal
interface. Which for me sometimes works (temporarily) and
mostly does not. When I stumbled into work today (Late
again, from playing with ISA all night) I couldnt access
the website or the termserver.
I just stumbled upon this guy I think is having the same

1. DNS for Multihomed DCS???

I have 2 DCs that have 2 IP addresses on 1 NIC.

Both of these DCs are running DNS. How should I setup DNS?

Or better yet - let me describe the situation:

We have 2 subnets on the same physical network. Each subnet is basically an
organization - each with its own domain. - There is no trust between the
two. Some users in domain A need access to some servers in domain B. Domain
B has seperate user accounts for these users.

Subnet B Servers that Subnet A users need access to have an additional IP
address in subnet A

Some of these servers are domain controllers - I am wondering since an
additional IP address is being registered in my DNS if subnet B users are
going to resolve with subnet A ip addresses. And if this is going to cause
AD or DNS problems.

What would keep my clients in subnet B from getting the Subnet A IP address
of a subnet B server?

Thanks for any help!!!!

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