Change default path of Save As from My Document to Mapped Home Directory

Change default path of Save As from My Document to Mapped Home Directory

Post by leon » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 19:15:20

Our company is using terminal services.
So, After a user logon , open wordpad on Terminal Server
and then want to save it, when click on File-->Save as,
default path of Save My Document appeared.

Since i don't want users be able to save anything into
this terminal server, and i prefer to save it into user's
mapped Z: Home Directory which located on other Win 2K
server. So, how to change the dehault save as path
pointing to mapped Z:.

It is very inportant so that users won't save their docs
into wrong location.


1. Changing Default Program Install Directory \ Mapping a Directory under "Desktop"

Is it possible to change the default installation directory for Windows 2000
Pro?  Right now it, of course, "c:\program files" and I'd like it to just
simply be the root of the D drive (where I keep all my applications).

I have my system setup like this:

c:\    system
d:\    applications
e:\    games
f:\    shared network space
g:\    dvd drive

So I'd really like installations to default to d:\ instead of "program

Another convenience thing.  On the directory tree under "Desktop" there's
the drives, "My Documents", "My Network Places" and all that.  Is there a
way I can map a directory to that tree?  The reason I ask is that I
frequently use Microsoft Visual Studio 97 and it's default saving position
is "d:\devstudio\my projects".  I'd like to be able to put "My Projects" on
the tree under "My Documents".  I have reasons for not just moving the
directory to the root of D: so this is probably the next best thing.  I've
seen a program that'll map that directory to a drive letter, but it don't do
it on startup, so no go there...

Thanks alot.  I'm full of questions tonight.

Michael Kennedy

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