Connection Manager Administration Kit

Connection Manager Administration Kit

Post by Amjid Kha » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 22:50:29

I would like to know where i can download the Connection
Manager Administration Kit to use in conjuction with the
Internet Explorer Administration Kit Version 6.  I have
looked everywhere on the Microsoft Website but cant seem
to find it.

1. Default Gateway on Connection Manager Administration Kit

Does anyone know how to disable the "use the Default Gateway on remote
computer" settings on Connection Manager Administration Kit.  By default,
this was turned-on. And I want it off.

For example,  All the profiles that I created and tested, after installing
on the client machine, the VPN connection always use gateway as the VPN
server IP (default value).  and yet there is no way the client can change
this.  How can I change the settings?

Many thanks in advance.

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