Monitoring AD w/SNMP

Monitoring AD w/SNMP

Post by tmaz » Fri, 30 May 2003 00:05:09

I would like to monitor some DC's using SNMP. What I can't figure out is
which objects or services in Active Directory to monitor. There are so many
to choose from.

If anyone is currently doing this type of monitoring and has any advice,
please post a reply.

Thanks in advace...

Tom Mazowski


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Hi there,
    I am trying to use one SNMP Network Management station to see some web
server statistics.
But i heard that if i install SNMP after the installation of IIS, the
counters doesnt give the
values as return.
But i am in a situation where i cannot uninstall IIS and install again.
is there any work around for this issue ?


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