Install Failed

Install Failed

Post by Bill » Tue, 22 May 2001 14:00:20

Windows 2000 fails to format disk when installing. It will partition, but not format.
All raid drivers for High-Point Windows 2000 were installed with f6 prompt.

Systems is a 2 x 1ghz CPU, 1gb RAM, 2 x 60gb IBM ATA100 disks.

Funny, I no such problem with Linux.


1. Directx install fails "failed to copy required file"?

This problem is apparently fairly common and happens to Win98, ME, 2000, and
XP users. Ive yet to see a definitive answer. For XP users the problem
is sometimes due to the cryptography service not running. But what is the
cause on a 2000 professional system?  Ive tried dx 8.1b and 9.0a. I get
the same error -5 as reported in the install log. This is straight after
doing a new OS install using win2000 slipstreamed with SP3. Answers appreciated.


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