File and Printer sharing between WIN2K PRO & WINME

File and Printer sharing between WIN2K PRO & WINME

Post by Ken » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 23:59:05

Attempting to share files and printers between a WINME
laptop and a WIN2K PRO desktop.  When attempting to access
WIN2K system, get prompted for WIN2K PRO computer resource
password.  Note, only intention is to share files and
printers.  System originally installed in NON-NETWORKED
mode.  Have installed Client, PROTOCOL(NETBUI), and
SERVICES only.  It's my goal to have the same sharing ease
that was available between WIN-98 and other systems like

1. Peer to Peer-Mixed Workgroup (WIN2K Pro, WINXP Pro, & WIN98SE) File & Printer Sharing Problem

I have a WIN2K Professional machine that can see all of the shared
resources on both the WIN98SE and WINXP Professional machines that I
have connected to my Linksys Router/Hub (in turn to a Cable Modem on
Cablevision's Optimum Online Network).  I recently added a Linksys
Printer Server/Hub just so that I can print from any of my 3 machines to
the Epson 880.

I have File & Printer Sharing and Client for MS Networks loaded on all
three machines as well as TCP/IP.  I recently deleted the NetBios
protocol but I have tried it with it loaded as well.

I have three printers one a Laser that is connected to the WIN98SE
machine, and shared, and all three machines can see it. The other two
printers are an Epson 880 connected to the Printer Server and a Kodak
PPM 200 (manufactured by Lexmark) physically connected to the WIN2K
machine. All three printers are shared but the WINXP machine doesn't see
the Kodak PPM..

The drives & printers on the WIN2K machine are shared but neither the
WIN98 or the WINXP machines can see anything from the WIN2K machine.
 From viewing this Forum I saw that one suggestion was to enable the
"Guest Account".  I tried to Net Use to a Shared Folder from a Command
Prompt received the error: "System error 1385 has occurred.  Logon
Failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this
computer."  After I tried both the Guest account and password as well as
the Administrator's account and password.

I have gone to "Add a Printer", from the WINXP, and do see the WIN2K
machine. When I "Browse for a printer" I type the shared name of the
printer and I get the response "Windows cannot connect to the printer.
Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer
has lost its connection to the server. For more information, click
Help." (Which is no help at all!)

No matter how I try to get to the WIN2K machine I always get the
response "Access is denied". I also have tried from a DOS prompt with:
"net use lpt1 \\WIN2K\EPSON880" and get the response: "Logon failure:
the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer".

I have gone to help on my WIN2K machine and nowhere have I found where I
can change the "Logon Type".

I have even disabled my individually installed Norton Firewalls to see
if that was what was blocking the access but that was not it.

If there is any additional information that might be needed from me to
cure this frustration of mine please do not hesitate to ask!

It has to be something within the WIN2K machine. PLEASE someone has got
to click on the light over my head!


John Torres

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