Connecting to Exchange on a Dual Boot Machine

Connecting to Exchange on a Dual Boot Machine

Post by Chris Guimbello » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 23:11:12


I am not sure if this is the place to be asking this, but I figured I'd give
it a shot.

I am studying for my Win2K MCSE, so I set up my machine to dual boot to NT
and 2K. On the NT side, it is connected to the network, and everything works
smoothly. It has a DHCP config. To work on the examples in my MCSE book, the
2K Pro boot, has a static IP address of one of my externals that my ISP gave
me. Since I spend a lot of time in the 2K boot, I would rather not have to
shut down and reboot in order to check my mail. Is there any way to
configure Outlook to connect to the exchange server. One thing that I did do
was in addition to the external IP, I gave it a 10.10.10.xx address matching
the config of the network, but no luck., even when I type the IP of the
Exchange server versus the name. One thing I should mention is that I use
'Remote Desktop Manager' to connect to my server and once I assigned my
10.10.10.xx address, I could connect with RDM by using the IP of the server.

I tried to include all relevant info here. I could really use some help
here. Thanks,



1. Moving Win2k exchange server from a single processor machine to a dual

Our main file server/exchange server is run on a dual pent 500 machine.
Something went wacky with the the power supply and it fried the motherboard.

I ended up building a new server that day on a the only machine I had.  A
single processor celeron 500.

My celeron works like a charm comfiguration wise, but it is to slow.  I want
to move the system back over to the dual pent 500.  What I would like to do
is put the now empty harddrive from my dual pent into the celeron and mirror
the drives.  Then take that mirrored drive and stick it in  my dual pent.  I
would use a mirror in case something gets messed up, this way I have
something to fall back on.

I know there will issues with some of the drivers since they are not the
same brand of machines.   Is there something like sysprep for servers?  Do I
need to even bother or can I just remove the video/network/sound drivers and
have pnp find the correct ones in the new machine?

My biggest fear though is what happens because this machine is a dual pent.
I read somewhere that the machines need to be of the same HAL (hardware
access layer?).  I have a feeling number of processors may make them
differnt HALs?

Also I am running exchange on this machine.  I don't see this introducing
any new issues but exchange the main reason I want to try and move the
harddrive rather then just do a new install.

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