Internet Connection Sharing only allows 2 simultaneous connections

Internet Connection Sharing only allows 2 simultaneous connections

Post by Daniel Malcol » Wed, 19 Jun 2002 20:39:08


I have a small network of 3 machines. .

PC desktop windows 2000
PC laptop windows 2000
Mac G3 Mac OS 9.1

After upgrading to Windows 2000 I set up internet connection sharing on the
desktop PC to allow others to connect to the internet. Unfortunately the
connection performs very poorly when viewing web pages on the machines that
access the internet via ICS.

I think that this is due to a limit on the number of simultaneous
connections. The total bandwidth available does not seem to be limited and
everything runs fine when checking e-mail (single connection). However when
transferring a lot of files via FTP, I noticed that the FTP program would
only allow 2 connections at a time. I'm sure that this is the cause of slow
display of web pages. This really slows things down on sites that use a lot
of images.

Is it possible that the ICS software is not set-up or installed correctly,
or can I update the number of simultaneous connections allowed?

Any suggestions appreciated



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This problem really has me confused (see summary of problem below)

It seems that the machines that connect via the ICS service that is running
on a different machine can only make 2 connections at a time.

This is particularly evident when viewing web pages. Rather than initiating
multiple connections to download the images and other media on the page,
only 2 connections are made at a time, so pages stall if there is a delay in
loading one of the items (such as banners coming from busy servers).

Is this normal? Are there settings that I can change to solve this?



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