Event ID: 10006 Source: DCOM & Event ID: 3034 Source: MRxSmb

Event ID: 10006 Source: DCOM & Event ID: 3034 Source: MRxSmb

Post by Thomas Hans Cars » Mon, 28 Jan 2002 10:03:30

I have found 6 posts re: These error messages in my event log however
all of them were wrong or dead ends.  I'm posting this, hoping that it
will help out anyone else that what's to get rid of these error
messages. Please post a a reply to this thread if it solved your
problem. If you do, hopefully, MS will finally include this in their
knowledge base for those individuals that don't know about newgroups.

Here's the link -

Just in case this link goes away, here's a reprint without the

Tom Carste
President and CEO

DCOM Error 10006 is logged in the System Event log when backing up a
remote Windows 2000 system with Backup Exec for Windows NT and Windows

Exact Error Message:

DCOM got error "Class not registered" from the computer <computername>
when attempting to activate the server:

MRxSmb Error 3034 is logged in the System Event log on the Windows
2000 computer being backed up.

Exact Error Message:

The redirector was unable to initialize security context or query
context attributes.


When backing up the system state on a remote system, Backup Exec uses
Microsoft's Certificate Services APIs to determine if Certificate
Services is installed on the remote computer.  If the check succeeds,
Backup Exec enables the special routines to back up Certificate
Services. If it fails, Backup Exec will not attempt to back up
Certificate Services components. In addition, the Certificate Services
APIs log an error to the Windows 2000 System event log on the backup
server (Figure 1).

This error is a normal result of the API call determining that
Certificate Services is not installed. The error can be ignored. If
the error cannot be ignored, or if it is desired that the error not be
generated, there is a workaround that will prevent the event from
being logged: install Certificate Services on the remote servers that
are generating the error.

Follow the steps bellow to install Certificate Services:

1. On the remote computer, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and
double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. Select Add/Remove Windows Components (Figure 2) from the left side
of the Add and Remove Programs pop-up screen.

3. From the Windows Components Wizard, select Certificate Services
(Figure 3).

4. Respond Yes to continue with the install of the Microsoft
Certificate Services (Figure 6). After responding Yes to continue, the
Certificate Services will be marked for installation.

5. Select Next on the Windows Components Wizard to finish the
installation of Certificate Services (Figure 5).

This error is generated as a result of a call to a Microsoft function.
As a result, this issue can not be fixed in Backup Exec.

For more information, see this link



1. Error: source: DCOM event id: 10006

I am getting a DCOM error in my System Log.
source: DCOM event id: 10006

DCOM got error "Class not registered " from the computer <computername> when
attempting to activate the server:


I did notice that my backups are finishing at the same time that I get these
errors. My backup software is Backup Exec 8.6 build 3808.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help,


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