Add/remove programs not working

Add/remove programs not working

Post by Andre » Sun, 09 Dec 2001 02:08:27

When I click Add/remove programs in the Control Panel, process mshta.exe
appears in Task Manager but nothing more happens, Installation Window does
not open. What could be the reason ?
Config: Windows 2000 Server, SP2 updated
Please help,
Thank in advance

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I recently set up a Windows 2000 AS Machine.  It seems that Add/Remove
Programs does not work.  When I click on Add/Remove Programs, I get an
hourglass pointer, then it disappears and nothing happens.  I have tried
copying a working copy of the Add/Remove Programs applet from another AS
machine to the "bad" one, but that didn't work?  Does anyone have any ideas
as to how to fix this?

Max DiOrio

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