PDC Emulator

PDC Emulator

Post by bob burto » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 07:57:07

If you have a resource domain which is a nt 4.0 domain where your computer live
and a master domain that is w2k where the users live - when the user login - does
the PDC Emulator need to authenticate the user.

1. PDC Emulator vs NT PDC

I'm upgrading from NT to 2k. I'm installing a NT 4.0 as
BDC on a new server to join the NT domain. Once the sam
is synchronized, i will remove this BDC and connect it to
an isolated network. Later I will promote this BDC to PDC
while isolated and uprgrade to WIN2k. After doing a
battery of tests with clients and DCs. I want to put the
PDC Emulator online in production. Is it possible to have
the PDC Emulator with the old PDC NT online and demote
the NT PDC to BDC?

Thank You


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