VPN connection takes over internet connection

VPN connection takes over internet connection

Post by Bill Gran » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:32:33

    By default, a VPN connection will disable the existing default route and
set up a new default route using the VPN tunnel. You can prevent this by
clearing the "Use default gateway ... " box in the client's VPN connection
properties. See KB  Q254231 for more detail.

Quote:> Hi all,

> I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.  I
> have a client that has ADSL for his internet connection
> and also uses a VPN connection to our network.  The
> problem that appears to be happening is that when he
> connects via the VPN, that connection takes over and he
> cannot do tasks that he could before connecting to the
> VPN.  One task is using Yahoo voice conferencing?  He can
> still use the text messaging but not the voice.  It only
> seems to happen when he connects to the VPN.  Is that
> something with VPN or Yahoo or what??  I have little
> experience with VPN's so I have no idea where to even
> start on this.  If anyone has any ideas please let me
> know.  Thanks to all.

> Chris


1. Internet connection through a VPN connection

Hi All!

On my network I have a (Windows 2000 Advanced) server (
which is a Domaincontroller, DHCP, RAS server. The server has 2 NIC's,
1 local and 1 internet NIC

RAS is setup so that the clients can get to the internet.

I have 1 Wireless Access Point, and want the wireless users to
use VPN for there connection. The VPN connection is made correctly
they can ping the other local workstations (ip range 192.168.1.*)
But they can't get onto the internet through the VPN connection.

On the workstations that use VPN there is an option in the TCP/IP
properties 'Use default gateway on remote network' Using this doesn't
help. When on, the default gateway is the same as the IP address of
the VPN connection, when of, there is no gateway. I could set the
gateway to but then the internetconnection wouldn't go
over the VPN connection.

So in short, I can't get to the internet via my VPN connection.

Any idea's what could be wrong and maybe idea's what I coudl check?

O yea, in Win2000 RAS Admin, at the server Properties -> IP tab I
have the option 'Enable IP routing' selected.

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