Detecting the sequence/processing order of two installed firewalls

Detecting the sequence/processing order of two installed firewalls

Post by Kur » Sun, 18 Aug 2002 17:46:09

If I have two installed personal firewalls (say ZoneAlarm and TinyPF). How do I find out which one
is closer to the internet.
In other words: If I got an incoming (inbound) request which firewall gets the request first ?

The answer: "The one which pops up first" is not helpful. It could be that the first has no rule
specified for that request or The rule is not specified exact enough or wrong entered...



1. Group Policy Process order


I have one OU With around 40 Group Policys applied to it. Each group Policy
is used to for software distribution and contains one application. The group
policys are filtered depending on group membership.

Because i am using this method i need to control in which order the group
policys are applied, since some applications might require another
applications to be installed as a prerequisite.

From what i understand group policys are supposed to be processed from top
to bottom, but from some reason my policys are now being processed from
bottom to top. I can see this by viewing order applications are being
installed in the application log.

Does anyone know if this behavior is configurable, or have a explanaition on
how this works i would really appreciate it.


Niclas Lindblom

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