Need to reboot Win2k Server thru VPN connection

Need to reboot Win2k Server thru VPN connection

Post by Russel » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 09:49:16

Hi, I have encountered something similar to that and what
I did was, I went to Windows Security Window (you will see
that when you press Ctrl Alt Del key) and Click the
shutdown button from there.  I hope that this would help
you.  Thanks and have a nice day.


>-----Original Message-----
>Terminal Services is not running.

>> Terminal Services will allow you to do a remote reboot.

>> > I make a VPN connection from my home (Win2k Pro) to a
server (Win2k
>> Server)
>> > and need to reboot the server (the keyboard is not
responding on the
>> > server).  I can ping the server and see shared

folders.  I can use the
Quote:>> > Computer Management MMC to make a connection, but I
can't make any
>> changes.
>> > Wether I connect as the server admin or another user
with admin
>> privelages,
>> > my WMI Control windws shows these errors:

>> > Failed to initialize all required WMI classes.
>> > Win32_Processor: Win32: Access is denied.
>> > Win32_WMISetting: Win32: Access is denied.
>> > Security information: Successful
>> > Win32_OperatingSystem: Win32: Access is denied.

>> > How can I reboot this server remotely?
>> > Thanks for any help.



Need to reboot Win2k Server thru VPN connection

Post by Kripe » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 22:23:50

shutdown.exe comes with Win2k / XP.  You don't need a reskit for it.  Use
that instead.
And next time don't Xpost to the entire damn world.