Sharing desktop with multiple clients

Sharing desktop with multiple clients

Post by Andrew Ya » Wed, 16 Apr 2003 02:34:47


I've a Windows 2000 server + Citrix server and would like
to setup a meeting with some clients. I need to share my
desktop with 2 other remote PC's. I setup the Citrix web
Java client and it's working fine.

My problem is that I don't know how to remote control 2
clients at the same time. It works if I do this serially
(i.e. 'computer A' remote control 'computer B'
and 'computer C' remote control 'computer A' - my client
is 'computer C').

However, I don't feel comfortable asking my client to do
the remote control himself. I want to do all the
connection by myself (e.g. 'computer C' remote
control 'computer B', and then using 'computer B' to
remote control 'computer A'). My problem is that I'll get
an error 87 by doing the connection that way when I try to
user 'computer B' to remote control 'computer A'.

Can somebody shed me some light? or show me some previous
postings of the topic?

Thanks a million!

- Andrew