RDP for Terminal Service will not show up in the Connection Type!

RDP for Terminal Service will not show up in the Connection Type!

Post by Hans » Thu, 23 Aug 2001 02:35:16

I saved my Proxy2 server configuration unistalled Proxy2, Upgraded to W2K
and restored Proxy2 server configuration. Installed TS for remote Admin.
purposes. However in the connections settings for the Terminal Server
Configuration there is no RDP connection type. When I do the create new
connection the drop down box for the connection type is blank and of corse
if I finish the wizzard I get an internal error.

Any help please I have followed the q258021 and q258544 articles regarding
port 3389 and the dlls are present for RDP. I uninstalled and reinstalled
several times I am at a total loss. Any suggestions on this? Does RRAS
conflict with TS?



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I'm getting "A runtime error,do you wish to debug, line:2"
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tell it "No" to debug, and attempt to apply the updates
anyway but get "Terminal Services must be in Install Mode"
even tho I began this excercise by going to Add/Remove
Programs, and clicking on Add Program, Windows Update.

Any suggestions?


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