IPsec quesion-please read

IPsec quesion-please read

Post by Gerar » Sat, 23 Jun 2001 15:29:18

If you want to use VPN with IPSec that means you have to use L2TP. As you
might know the L2 stands for Layer 2.
So if you use a firewall with e.g. NAT it must definitly support it.


Quote:> Hi,
> I am going to use Ipsec in my VPN connection .
> MY VPN server is w2k that supports IPsec,
> Should my router and firewall supports IPsec as well or it doesnt
> matter.

> Thanks in advance
> Rob


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I just upgraded my current IBM ThinkPad 600 laptop from NT 4.0 desktop
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Best regards,
Shawn Tooryani

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