Updating "Internal" Interface routes

Updating "Internal" Interface routes

Post by Popolo » Wed, 27 Mar 2002 02:32:53

Hey all,

We managed to get the router from our Brach office to dial in and
authenticate correctly, allowing users/clients in the Branch office access
to the Head office servers/Lan.

Thing is, every time they connect, someone (ME!) must always edit the static
routes in the routing table of the Win2k box to reflect the remote
computers. All is fine, until something happens and the connection drops. It
then re-dials the VPN tunnel, and 9 times out of 10, the ip handed to the
dial in client changes. SO....the gateway of the static route also needs to
be changed to reflect this if clients are to access the LAN.

Can this not be done automatically everytime the router vpn's into our LAN?
Trouble is, the router on the other end is not able to initiate a
router-router connection using the username as per the deployment guide. I
have to resort to a dial in access user instead.

Could reducing the number of ip's to hand out to 1 restrict the gateway ip
of the Internal interface so that we would not have to make continuous
changes to the routes when the line re-dials??

Many thanks!