Services won't start: <Service> is not a valid Win32 application

Services won't start: <Service> is not a valid Win32 application

Post by Ken Welc » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 07:05:15

Running Win2k server SP2.  Performed a re-install as I was
unable to enable Internet Connection Sharing.  Re-install
worked; was able to enable ICS, and it works fine.  
Noticed that antivirus software stopped running (McAfee
NetShield 4.5).  Attempted to uninstall and reinstall
NetShield.   Couldn't uninstall initially b/c it couldn't
stop the service.  Eventually was able to remove, but when
I tried to install, couldn't install as it wasn't able to
start services, saying I should check privileges.  Was
able to force the install silently, but now it won't run
giving me the following in event log:

Event Type:              Error
Event Source:            Service Control Manager
Event Category:          None
Event ID:                7000
Date:                            10/8/2001
Time:                            9:00:48 AM
User:                            N/A
Computer:                <removerd>
The Network Associates Task Manager service failed to
start due to the
following error:
Network Associates Task Manager is not a valid Win32

Noticed at least one other service that won't start with
this error.  Can't find anything in Microsoft
KnowledgeBase!!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks - Ken


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Thanks for your help,

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