Help! Need info on some old modems!

Help! Need info on some old modems!

Post by Tracy Hart » Sat, 11 Jan 1992 12:54:41

Okay, I've got some (okay, quite a few, actually) old modems sitting
around here that I would like to use (or atleast figure out what they
are).  I'm looking for ANY information on these critters, especially the
voltages on the power connector..  Anyway, They're "intertel Data
Modems" model "M2400".  They're in a nice brown metal box about
12"x10"x2".  I would be VERY gracious if someone could provide some
information on these things.
                            Thanks a lot!
    (Respond any which way you want... heh)



1. Need Help - Old Modem Info

 I picked up a couple of old modems at a recent Ham Radio fleamarket. There
are a couple of things about them that I found curious, and would like to
read some opinions on the subject.

 Modem #1 is an internal 14.4 FAX/data modem for an 8-bit slot. I've ran it
through some tests, and it works great. The component side of the board has
ZEON 2 94V-0 marked on it, and also 80-2008200 REV.4. The copper clad side
has two stickers on it, one says V1414VH-L, and the other gives the FCC
info: FCC ID H8NV1414VH, and FCC Registration No. H8NTAI-21119-MM-E.
The modem uses the Cirrus Logic chipset, and there's a 28 pin IC on a
socket labeled HYUNDAI HY62256ALP-10.

 The modem came with the origional documentation, although it makes no
mention of the product name whatsoever. It uses such generic phrases as
"Congratulations on your purchase of this outstanding Fax/Data modem". So
I suspect that it's been printed for a wide range of models. What has me
curious is that the modem has two mono audio jacks, one labeled SPK. and
the other MIC. The user's manual makes no mention of these connections at
all, and the "installation guide" (a two-leaf folder) simply shows a
pictoral diagram with a microphone to the MIC jack, and a speaker on the
SPK jack. Typical product info - point out the obvious, and ignore the

 Nowhere in either of the docs does it mention being a VOICE/Fax/Data
modem, and I've never associated a 14.4 with voice capabilities before.
Is this thing REALLY capable of voice mode??? The modem came with
complimentary software, SuperVoice 2.0 from Pacific Image Communications.
SV v2.0 is a terminal program that supports voice mail, has a mini PBX
feature, and comes with pre-recorded .VOX files for answering the phone
and so forth. I haven't installed its multi-megabyte package yet, and was
wondering if someone could let me know where I stand with the modem first.
BTW, I paid 10 bucks.

 The second modem is marked ZX9624S2 REV 1.01, and ZMD-67238-111 on the
component side, and nothing on the copper side. It's an internal for an
8-bit slot. FCC ID:H4TZ1896S, and FCC registration:IB9HKG-18754-FA-E.
The guy told me it was a 9600bps modem, but I know him to be a real weasel
so I can't bet on it. For 3 bucks, I took a chance. When dialing in, the
modem ignores the faster-speed pilot tones, and does its handshake and
connect at 2400bps. I haven't tried it on FAX, yet. I suspect that it is
probably a 2400bps data/9600bps FAX unit, but with no docs, I can't be
sure. I initialize the thing with an ATZ, and I haven't tried hurling
AT commands at it yet to see if someone simply programmed it wrong. Anyone
know for sure what this thing can do?

I suspect that there's a website someplace where you can get a modem's
specs simply by typing in the FCC info. Anyone know of such a place?

I do not have e-mail. I use the account from work to dial into the 'Net
during the off-hours, and cannot release the address for personal use.
So please make your replies here. I always found the requests for
personal replies *only* to be annoying anyway.

                            Thanks! - Alan, VE3NNM

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