Zoom 2400 s/rfax wont auto answer modem mode

Zoom 2400 s/rfax wont auto answer modem mode

Post by Jeff Sicherm » Mon, 14 Sep 1992 10:29:57

fax-sounding tones and returning a class- 1-looking result code (+FH??
or like that). Doing a TAZ, turning it off and on again dont seem to help.
BTW, this is through a Panasonic Key (telephone) system (but with a two-wire
connection to the modem) if that makes a difference.

Jeff Sicherman
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1. Wanted 2400 bps MNP Leased Line but Auto Answer / Originate Modems

I needed modems capable of leased line operation with error correction at
2400 bps.  I borrowed  someone's modems and tested them, tyhey work fine
but have a problem.  They do not AUTO ORIGINATE and AUTO ANSWER respectively
in the case of a reset or power failure recovery.  This makes it
a major problem to restart the connection.

I have the Telebit WorldBlazer and Trailblazer modems that can do this
(i.e. auto answ and orig) but they are too expensive for the need I have.

I am looking for inexpensive modems with leased line options.  I have
two 2400 bps modems, the Smart One and the Viva 24, both of which have
leased line but no auto operation.

I was hoping someone is using 2400 bps modems that happen to have that
feature so I can find them in the market.

Thanks for your help



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