Trouble connecting with modem (2nd request)

Trouble connecting with modem (2nd request)

Post by losc.. » Sun, 27 Sep 1992 00:03:52

Hello again.  I haven't yet received a reply from my plea of last
week, so I'm going to try reposting it.  PLEASE, if you have any
ideas, even if they are only speculations, I'm desperate for something
to try.  My best guess is that some .INI setting might be wrong, or
that it has to do with running in 386 enhanced mode, which I wasn't
doing before, but I'm no expert.  I have tried changing the COMIRQSharing
flag in the SYSTEM.INI file, but this seemed to have no effect.
Any advice or ideas or even guesses would be greatly appreciated.  
Thanks.  Here's the original posting and details of my problem:

I'm having a problem I haven't seen discussed here, and thought perhaps the
kind people in network-land might be able to help.  I've just upgraded my
computer from a 1-meg 286 to an 8-meg 386SX, both machines running DOS 5, Win
3.1, and Dynacomm 3.0.  In the process, I also changed my internal modem (a
2400 bps model by Compudyne) from COM3 to COM1, and changed the appropriate
settings (as far as I know) in Windows and Dynacomm.  However, somehow the
program I wrote to login to my local mainframe no longer works.  The modem
picks up, dials the number correctly, and connects, but Dynacomm doesn't seem
to realize that the connection has been made.  Instead, it continues to
display the dialog box and the timer just keeps moving along.  The piece of
code which seems to be failing is very simple:
        if connect() goto login
(Actually, there's a second phone number loop which is also in there, but it
doesn't seem to make any difference.)  Somehow, Dynacomm isn't receiving the
connection.  I can cancel the program when I hear the connection being made,
and the modem does (then) return "connect 2400" and from there I can complete
the login manually, but this is still very frustrating.  Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance, Chris Loschen


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IP Address         
Subnet Mask        
Default Gateway    
DHCP Server        

IP Autoconfiguration Address
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