ZyXEL modems, real good prices, authorized dealer

ZyXEL modems, real good prices, authorized dealer

Post by Lenny Tropia » Thu, 22 Oct 1992 08:07:34

On a recommendation, I called the Kandy Shack (800) 638-1170 and spoke
to Mike.  The price on the 1496E is $329 + $12 shipping (2nd day UPS).
They take M/C and VISA (no surcharge).  I was going to buy it elsewhere,
but here I save between $19 to $34.   They have modems in stock, but
I didn't order it tonight.  Maybe if I shop around another day I can
do even better...

I checked them out with ZyXEL USA and he's an authorized dealer.


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1. ZyXEL V.34 upgrade prices -- street, dealer or retail?

:    When you say that ZyXEL modems can be upgraded to V.34 for $249 or $299,
: are those numbers "Suggested Retail Prices", "Dealer Prices", or ZyXEL's
: expectation of "Street Prices"?

all of the above.. At the moment, there is not a sysop deal for the
upgrade, nor is there a seperate pricing structure for dealers/VARs.

BTW: this pricing reflects the ceiling for the upgrade.  The modem is
still being designed, and until that is completed (as well as
finalization of V.34), exact pricing will not be known.  It is possible
(although not promised) that the price could go down.

:    Are there any limitations on that upgrade policy?  Does it cover broken
: or non-working modems?  Modems altered by the users in unapproved ways?  If
: someone uses the information you supplied in a recent article to add the
: capacitor across R4 needed to make Extended Distinctive Ring and Caller ID
: work (assuming it isn't illegal), voiding the warranty, is that modem still
: upgradable at the price you've been quoting?  Would it have any effect on the
: warranty of the upgraded V.34 modem?

modems purchased in North America have a 5 year warranty.. and the modems
haven't been out that long, so we will either repair a broken modem, or
else swap it for the V.34 model.

the basic philosophy regarding user-mods is that as long as the mod is
properly performed, we will honor the warranty.  This applies to CID
cap mods, rom socket upgrades, external speaker extensions, etc.

If the modem is examined and we see burn marks that make it look like you
used an American Beauty, then all bets are off. :)


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