Looking for A Battery Powered Modem

Looking for A Battery Powered Modem

Post by Richard To » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

 ke> The modem must also be able to connect to a older 1200 baud modem.  We
 ke> have tried Zoom modems which operate off DC power, but we have had
 ke> connection problems at 1200 baud.  Unless the connection problems are
 ke> resolved, Zoom modems are not a option.

Please see my reply earlier in this packet


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... So good that even the Japanese buy 'em



1. Looking for A Battery Powered Modem

Try a courier external, we have tested them down to 8v dc operation. Input
is 30v ac but this goes into a brigde rectifier followed by a switch mode
power supply. Just put the dc directly into the ac in jack. No mods needed.

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