Telebit 2500 won't connect to non-PEP modems

Telebit 2500 won't connect to non-PEP modems

Post by Bob Izenbe » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 08:08:00

        One of the two Telebit Trailblazers that I set up last week wouldn't
connect to anything other than a modem that sent PEP tones.  All the registers
were as they should be, but the low-speed carrier went unrecognized.  Telebit
tech support knew about it.  There is a piggyback board inside the unit that
can pop loose during shipment by enthusiastic freight companies.  Re-seating
the board fixed the problem.
-- Bob
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1. Telebit T2500 Non-PEP Problems

I recently bought a pair of T2500's and couldn't get them to work other than
in PEP mode.  Turns out that the basic non-PEP modem is mounted internally
as a daughter board and this daughter board frequently comes loose in shipment.
If you're having problems with a T2500 in non-PEP modes (like it talks to you
just fine but doesn't send any tones), pick up your modem and shake it.  If
you hear something going "clunk, clunk", the daughter board has come loose
internally and you'll need to open up the modem and re-seat the board after
which everything will work just fine.

Hopefully Telebit has taken action to fix this problem with some better
mechanical design on more recent production models of the T2500!

Scott Loftesness
Fidelity Investments

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