US Robotics Sportsters 28.8 Vi (33.6) in the <<UK>> - Software Warehouse

US Robotics Sportsters 28.8 Vi (33.6) in the <<UK>> - Software Warehouse

Post by Trevor Wrig » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Software Warehouse (01675-466-467) have 4 left in stock - cost 169 + 6.95
postage + VAT = 206.74  if anyone is interested.

Trevor Wright
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I know I've already talked about this but this is for anyone that didn't get
that message.

Let me clear things up a tad bit more for some of you.  

The affected modems are with this serial number heading:
        This modem is most likely an External.  I have not seen any 839's that
are internal.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The modems that are recommended are the internal 00084000 and the external
000839000.  These two DO have the brown socket for upgrades.  I talked to tech
support (level 2) and they immediately could identify the type of modem just by
the serial number.  Therefore, purchase the 839000 or 840000 and not the 83901.
The 92mhz setting is probably the reason for this.  A temporary fix, resulting
in a slight loss of speed,is to disable data compression by typing
The &W line will write the newly encoded information into the NVRAM, so it is
loaded everytime you type ATZ.  If you are mainly a user who users GUI-based
Internet or online services, you probably do not have to do this.  

If you have any more questions, please reply by E-mail.

Hope that information helps!  Too bad USR made such a bad modem this time...

Kenneth Chen

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