Perfect Software, Inc.

Perfect Software, Inc.

Post by a.. » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 20:28:00

We have been using an excellent terminal emulation program by Perfect
Software called Perfect Link.  We would now like to buy additional
licenses.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to find Perfect Software.

Can anyone tell us how to reach them?  We have tried the address and phone
number listed in the documentation.

Ad Brault <..!seismo!vrdxhq!bms-at!alb>
Business Management Systems, Inc.
9526A Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22031
Ad Brault       <..!seismo!dgis!bms-at!alb>


1. Play Time, Inc., Appellee, vs. Worldcom, Inc., Appellant

"It would seem a property right in numbers similar to a TV station
broadcast frequency license might be a reasonable claim."

FWIW, broadcasters do *not* have a property right in the normal sense
in their licenses; when a station is sold the seller has to apply to
the FCC to transfer the license to the buyer, and the Commission can
deny that transfer if it sees a problem with the buyer.  The FCC, of
course, can also revoke a license at any time under its regulations,
which must comply with the Communications Act.

Among other things, the FCC usually doesn't allow a broadcast license
to be sold separately from the real and other property of the station
in question, so someone who has just obtained a license can't just
turn around and sell it; s/he has to actually put the station on the
air, somehow, and then sell the operating station.  (One Louisville FM
station licensee got around that a few years ago by renting a spare
transmitter from Clear Channel Communications, which operated two
stations here and has more now.  Clear Channel downlinked a
satellite-fed country music service, put it on the new licensee's
frequency with its spare transmitter, and signed the new call letters
as required.  This went on for several months, during which the
licensee found a buyer and made a deal to sell the station; this
complied with the letter of the FCC rules since the station was in
operation, but no physical assets were sold -- the guy didn't own any
to sell!)

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