New AMI 19.2 Modem/Fax/Voice Bd

New AMI 19.2 Modem/Fax/Voice Bd

Post by Sasun Non-HP Toriki » Sat, 17 Feb 1996 04:00:00

American Megatrends has a new Telephony card out.

It is a 19.2K Modem
        14.4 Fax
        Voice Messaging system
        Sound Blaster 16 Compatible Audio card
        IDE CD ROM Interface

All for $99

see http//

This sounds TOO good.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hamilton Software               Phone 577-2654


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I replaced my old 14.4 modem with a Digicom 19.2 faxmodem.  Since I have used
a faxmodem for years, I was quite frustrated and surprised to find that my
new one wouldn't work.  Of course, data communications work perfectly, but
none of my fax packages can find the fax device on com 1.  According to the
manual, you must add  the line "dl fax144.dsi" or something similar to it
which of course I have done.  Any advice appreciated!

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