Crashes After 56K Modem Installed

Crashes After 56K Modem Installed

Post by vjwo » Wed, 15 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Just upgraded from Gateway 14.4 internal modem to Hayes Accura 56K
external  data/fax modem.  [Before this I added 32 EDO ram to my 16
RAM=48 & ran it okay for 1 day.]   I have Dunce & Netsonic Accellerator
programs but have disabled them because of the crashes.

I get crashes when I'm online or shortly after exiting.  The new modem's
great when it works, but frequently causes crashes - kernel 32,
mfc42.dll, comctl32.dll, mmpre.exe, etc. - locks up & only way to get
out is to push the On/Off button.  Yet sometimes, like now, I get
illegal operation & can keep browsing (albeit with that stupid warning
window up there - if I close it, I get kicked offline) but eventually
everything will freeze up and I have to get out.  All my .dlls are
current.  Help.



1. After installing modem, Netscape crashes

I'm having a very strange problem.  This weekend I installed a 56k
modem into a computer (486DX2, 16megs, Win3.1).  After the usual
problems with jumpers and all that, I got the modem installed and
working just fine.  I can connect to the Internet without any trouble
and I can use any number of applications (mIRC, Agent, etc).  The only
problem is with browsers.  When I try to pull up the browser portion
of Netscape Communicator, the computer reboots.  I can pull up
Messenger and check my mail fine, but if I try to send something the
computer reboots.  I tried using a different browser (Opera) but it
also causes a system reboot.  In addition, if I go online with AOL
with a TCP/IP connection via Winsock Trumpet, the computer will reboot
as soon as I try to use the browser built into AOL.  However, if I
dial AOL directly, everything runs perfectly.  It's the strangest
thing I've ever seen.  Any ideas?

Please copy any replies to me via email.  I'd appreciate it.

Alan Ross

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