How Do I Install a PCMCIA Card Modem with not using the "Hardware Wizard"??

How Do I Install a PCMCIA Card Modem with not using the "Hardware Wizard"??

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I want to install a ActionTec 56kflex Card Modem under Windows 95B.

Under 95A, erverything is easy, I can choose a modem of my own and
using the disk that was shipped with it. Modem is working then.

Under 95B, when plugging in the modem, the wizard starts reporting "A
Standard PCMCIA Card Modem was found" and installs it. When switching
the directory to the disk shipped with the modem, the wizard reports
"no actual driver was found", which is true, because there are no
drivers for a Standard Card Modem on it!

Using the Drivers for the Standard Card Modem, the ActionTec gets no
Dialtone and is not working. Changing the Drivers in the Hardware
Manager to the ActionTec Drivers causes Windows to freeze the moment I
want to open them.

All I want is to install a PCMCIA-Modem of my choice in Windows 95 B,
like it does with ordinary Modems or under Win95A, does anybody know
how to do it?

When clicking on Modem in the System Manager, I have to choose between
PCMCIA Modem and other Modem. Choosing the first, the Hardware Wizard
starts and the same thing happens again. Choosing the second, I can
only install Modems connected to the COM-Ports, but no PCMCIA Modems.

I'm really p***** off this so called "Hardware Wizard", does anybody
how to outrun it? For any hardware you have a chance to "choose a
disk", why not for PCMCIA Card Modems?

If anybody please can help me, I would be very happy!

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Thank you very much!