Help Required, BT Socket.

Help Required, BT Socket.

Post by Colin Smith » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00

May I ask for some help, I have a pal who lives in a two storey
property, the Main BT socket comes in on the second floor and he has run
off four extentions, not I might add, in a chain but one on top of the
other in the BT socket. His computer with internal modem is also on the
second floor and is on one of the extentions. Downstairs he has a phone
with an answer machine built in which is set to six rings. The problem
is that when his computer is on and the the soft ware set to auto
receive, if the phone rings and is picked up downstairs he hears the fax
tone every time from his machine even though it's a voice call. He has
altered the number of rings in his software to between two and six but
the same happens. Is this because he has not daisy chained the sockets
or is it some other reason. Would it help if a fax switch was fitted
without connecting the answerphone which is on a different socket to the
computer. I would be very grateful for any advise either in the NG or by


1. Cisco 803 router and BT Home Highway - are router's POTS sockets of any use?

After much consideration Peter decided to share these wise words:

This is correct.

Indeed Home Highway doesn't serve multiple numbers on the ISDN port.

Not exactly.  You can use one, (or both when you are not online), ISDN
channel for a phone or modem connected to the POTS connections on your
router.  Outgoing calls will show the ISDN number in the CLI.  The
router (probably) cannot process incoming calls to the ISDN number from
analogue lines, and can direct them to the POTS port.

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