At&T sdn 800 service

At&T sdn 800 service

Post by Frank Kelleh » Tue, 08 Nov 1994 21:08:54

I am looking for any information on problems dialing from hotels into the AT&T
8000 sdn service.  Our cutsomers seem to be having problems dialing from
hotels and have connect modem speeds of 4800 or taking a long time to
connnect.  Outside of hotels they can connect at 14.4 speeds without a
problem.  Any suggestions would be appreciated ....

1. C & W 800 Service vs. Sprint 800 Service

Sprint:  800 877 4646
Signup fee: Was $0 for a while.  I think you can talk them into
waiving the 'official' signup fee if you try.  Say some nasty stuff
about ATT and maybe they'll give you a break! :)

Sprint monthly fee: $10 /month Sprint bills in six second increments.
What about C&W?  It's nice to be able to check voice mail from
anywhere in the US for one cent!  (Of course, it's more if there are
messages for me.)

This is a neat feature.  Sprint doesn't have anything similar, as far
as I know.

It's not that impressive.  The Sprint service reps can do the same
thing, but I'm not sure how quick they are about changing the POTS
number that the 800 number rings in to.  I have call forwarding on my
POTs number and use that to control where the 800 number rings.

(I don't know if phones in Alaska and Hawaii can connect to my 800 #.)


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