Phone line problems

Phone line problems

Post by Joseph Le » Mon, 16 Aug 1999 04:00:00

After several hours of detective work, I have determined that my slow modem
connection was due to poor phone line quality.  I was wondering if anyone
out there knew of a way to circumvent this problem, or perhaps knew a viable
solution.  Any help is much appreciated.



1. Help getting a modem to autoanswer (possible phone line problem)

I can't get a modem configured to autoanswer to work reliabily on the
phone lines here in the office.

Symptom:  The modem answers, issues a handshake tone,
and then drops the connection in less than half
a second.  One out of a hundred times it works.

I've tried two modems and a couple of phone lines. We can dial out on
these lines and the modem works fine as dial out. 56k modems sync at
speeds up to 52k. I have not yet tried taking the modem home and
trying it there.

before I configured each modem I did an at&f at&w to reset it
to factory defaults.

I've tried swapping tip and ring with no improvement.  

Any ideas ?

Al Dykes

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