Problem with automatic login.

Problem with automatic login.

Post by hb » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>Would appreciate help on following problem.
>But when trying to access the Internet via Winsock 2.0 my modem
>cannot gain access to the service provider modem. After a
>while I get the message NO CARRIER. It seems to me like a problem of
>handshaking and probably the fault is within win.ini or system.ini.

Unlikely to be in those files, unless there is a comm port setup problem
in sys.ini.  Check this WEB site...

Also look over Winsock settings, under FILE/SETUP.  Try a baud rate of 38.4
for a 14.4 modem; 57.6 for a 28.8. Turn hardware handshake and VJ comp. ON.

For a modem initialization string, specify ATZ in Winsock's LOGIN.CMD,
found under DIALLER/EDIT SCRIPTS (or simply edit with NOTEPAD).
The line should read as follows:  $modemsetup = "z"
      (Do not type "AT" before the "Z" and DO use the quotes.)

An alternative, use the modem reset command AT&F (or AT&F1 or AT&F2). Check
modem documentation.  Example:  $modemsetup = "&f"

If still no go, ask your provider why you cannot connect to your IP account.

 Offered in good faith. No expertise claimed. No guarantees. No refunds.


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