Any experience with Aspen 28.8 internal (sold by IBM 'Home' centres) ?

Any experience with Aspen 28.8 internal (sold by IBM 'Home' centres) ?

Post by Mark Freedm » Sun, 17 Dec 1995 04:00:00

   IBM "Home" centres in Toronto are advertising the Aspen brand FaxModem at
an attractive price. Is anyone familar with these ? Are they reliable / etc.



1. USR 28.8 internal Plug'N'Play help!

I've got a new USR 28.8 internal modem with Plug'N'Play.  I'm trying
to use it with Trumpet Winsock in Windows3.11.  I've got the baud rate
set at 38400.  The initialization string I'm using is:


I can get it to dial and connect, but then the connection drops off.
I can't open up any other programs.

I've tried to install the modem with the Plug'N'Play jumpers off, but
then the modem gets no response.

Do I need another init string?  Is the baud rate wrong?  Do I need to
run with or without the jumpers?

Thanks in advance!

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