Can't get my USR Sportster 56K X2 to flash upgrade

Can't get my USR Sportster 56K X2 to flash upgrade

Post by David » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 01:38:33

I have a US Robotics external Sportster 56K X2 modem that I want to
flash to V90. I went to the USR site and got their SmartUpdate program,
which I ran. It identifies my modem as a Sportster 56K X2 and
then goes off to download an update.exe file. (The whole thing was a bit
funky; I couldn't log on through "ISP" because it didn't support the
terminal windows that I need to use to log onto my ISP. If I tried
LAN it would tell me port "COM1" (where the modem is attached) is already
in use. So I picked LAN without being connected, at which point it opened
explorer and tried to open the page with the setup.exe download...which
of course it couldn't get to because I wasn't logged in! At this point,
I logged in (dialed up) normally, then reloaded the page it was trying
to access and started the update.exe download). After downloading update.exe,
it tries to install it, but instead gives me a message that it couldn't
update the modem.

I tried to run SmartUpdate again, this time just specifying the location
of the update.exe file that I'd already downloaded. It pops up a "updating
your modem" screen for a bit then seems to fail with a message about not
being able to update the modem...Grr...

Any suggestions?

Note: The modem is attached through port COM1. There is also something
a bit funky about SmartUpdate. Sometimes it identifies the modem correctly
right away. Other times it identifies a generic modem on COM1 that it
says it cannot update. If I click on "retry" it will usually come back
the next time correctly identifying the Sportster modem and telling me
it's ready to go for the update...