Supra vs. Twincom 14.4 vs. Dallas Fax vs. ...

Supra vs. Twincom 14.4 vs. Dallas Fax vs. ...

Post by Barry Smi » Wed, 08 Apr 1992 21:57:02

Does anyone have any comparisons between the following modems:

Twincom 14.4 DF
LightCom 96
Dallas Fax

They all seem to be around the same price range with the same set of
features.  Some people are soured on the Supra with Mac's, but what about
in general?  Also, how much do each of these modems go for mail order?

Thanks in advance.


1. 28.8's: Accura vs. USR Sportster vs. Supra vs. ?

Okay, so I've followed this group for a while.  28.8 V.34 seems stable enough
now to get one.  Being cheap, I'd like to get the low end types, like those
above.  My 486-33 has only a 16450 serial UART, so I need an internal modem
with a 16550 hardware built in.

I had terrible luck with Zoom's tech support (read "non-existent"), so they're
out.  Any suggestions among those above (or others of similar price you'd care
to suggest?


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