USR v.34 rackmount - ucode level?

USR v.34 rackmount - ucode level?

Post by Chris Thom » Mon, 22 May 1995 04:00:00

What is the the latest level of microcode for the USR dual v.34 rackmount
series modems?  I've found two possibilities on the USR BBS "rm320102.exe"
(9/94) and SDL0105.exe (3/95).  The latter contains a note that a "new IOC
chip" is required as well.

I got into this by mistakenly loading Courier v.34 microcode into some
v.34 rackmounts.  The loader doesn't complain, and the modem works - sort
of.  That is, the modem works fine, but no longer drives the leds in the
rack, or responds to the switches.

Chris Thomas
UCLA Office of Academic Computing


1. FDDI and ucode levels

Sorry for spreading this so widely, but I would really appreciate a VERY
quick answer (before 1600 BST today would be really useful - sooner
would be ideal).

We have some FDDI problems that we have been advised would benefit from
an upgrade to our CSC-FCI ucode (TAC case numbers 68364 & 73464).  We
currently have 128.45 and have been recommended to go to 2.1.  In fact
the 2.1 ucode chips have arrived, but the release note says that
CSC-CCTL ucode 2.0 is required - we have 1.0.  No problem - upgrade the
CCTLs too, except that our supplier says that MEC 5.0 ucode 1.7 is
recommended and we have 1.6.  We have recently put off a cBus -> cBus2
upgrade, partly because of having to change too much at once in what's
left of the summer vacation - I don't want to have to change ucode in
all our MECs too.

So the question - is MEC 5.0 ucode 1.6 compatible with CCTL ucode 2.0?
For that matter is MEC 5.1 ucode 2.3 compatible - we have one 5.1 card
as well? As I say a very quick answer would be greatly appreciated - I'd
like to get the upgrade done this week if possible.

Sam Wilson
Network Services Division
Computing Services, The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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