Modem w/ Wake on Ring feature

Modem w/ Wake on Ring feature

Post by micke » Sat, 25 Nov 2000 04:00:00

 My motherboard has the Wake on Ring (WOR) feature (Bios) but my modem seem
needs a connection which I cant see.
Is WOR on modems standard?
Which modems or brands has WOR?
Would I know just by looking at the box of the modem if it supports WOR?

My modem is the generic type - Diamond. I can find any connections to
accept the BIOS set up for WOR.


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1. A Modem featuring Wake-On-Ring ?!

Hi there
I'm really interested in startingstarting my computer from anywhere by a
On most recent motherboards that went through my hands, I could always see a
Wake-on-ring header .
Someday I started to wonder if I could find a Modem that uses this WOR
header, in an as easy way, as the Wake-on-LAN header is used by NICs.
But I just couldn't find any Modem at all, that even mentioned the existence
of that WOR header ?!

Now I'm just looking for  a ( external ?) Modem that powers on my PC
whenever my phone rings.
I'm using a standard analog telephone line (no fancy digital stuff like
ISDN). I have an ATX compliant Abit KT7 Mobo (Award Bios). I'm using linux .
Maybe any serial device can poweron the PC , when I enable "LPT/COM" under
"wake up events" in the BIOS ?! (=> serial modem ?)
Of course it would be best if One could tell it only to power on the PC
after a certain number of telephone rings or a certain combination.
I just want to turn my PC on from distant places by phone, if you know a
non-modem-device that just controls a power outlet by telephone that would
also do the job ...

ANY ideas suggestions are welcome
Thanks a lot

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