X2 does exist

X2 does exist

Post by Matt Bradle » Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        Just wanted to tell everyone that USRs X2 does exist.  My ISP has had 40
beta lines publicly running for 2 weeks now.  They have experienced xfer
speeds up to 50k so far (remember we they aren't allowed to use full 56k
yet, just 53).  Just be patient.  This is a new technology that is going to
take some time to get out.  Expect to see major development in the next 4
weeks throughout the 56k market.


1. Doe FAQ for Diagnosing x2 connection problems exist

I am unable to connect at X2 rates although I consistently connect at
28800. Obviously I am not going to move just to get X2 but I would
like to make sure that the problem is not wiring in the my home.

Is there a question I can ask my telco (and am I likely to get a
correct answer) or can the ati6, ati7 or ati11 information be used to
diagnose where the problem is?
Ian A. Journeaux

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