Problems maintaining connections, please help

Problems maintaining connections, please help

Post by John Nava » Fri, 17 Sep 1999 04:00:00

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Your connection was actually at 31200.  What's killing you is that your
modem is trying to retrain excessively, 8 times in only 8 minutes.  It
looks like the quality of your phone line has gone to hell.  Try the
3Com/USR Line Test to see if that works any better.

>I've been having problems with my connection to my ISP for the last
>couple of weeks and I hope someone can help me. I'm using a US
>robotics 56K external modem and connecting to Mindspring here in
>Atlanta. I believe that they are also using USR products so hopefully
>there aren't any incompatibilities in software.

>The problem is that for the last couple of weeks I've been having very
>unreliable connections. Up until then I'd be able to make connections
>of about 49k without much trouble. Then the trouble started with
>connections that would die after midnight and an inability to make
>good connections until the next morning.

>When I was disconnected late at night I would try to dial back up and
>would either not be able to connect or would connect at 33k or 21k and
>could not get a faster connection until the next morning. For the last
>few days I'm finding more problems such as disconnects and poor
>connection speeds at any time of the day.  I spoke to Mindspring and
>BellSouth and both companies say that there isn't any problem as far
>as they can detect and they aren't doing any sort of testing that
>could cause the problems I'm seeing. Bell South even sent a
>representative out to my apartment and he said that there were no
>problems that he could find. He also told me that I'm on a SLC so I
>won't have the option of using the ADSL service that Mindspring is
>supposed to start offering tomorrow. :<

>The following is the output from my modem after a 49333 connection
>that disconnected after a short while. I had already been disconnected
>from another 49333 connection once before tonight. I hope that the
>information I've provided above and below is enough for someone to
>provide me some pointers on how I can get more reliable connections
>than I have now.  I just connected at 21600 so things are definitely
>not going well with my connections.

>Thanks for any help

>U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT Link Diagnostics...

>Chars sent                46150      Chars Received          1196434
>Chars lost                    0
>Octets sent               36638      Octets Received          472789
>Blocks sent                2403      Blocks Received            4583
>Blocks resent               295

>Retrains Requested            0      Retrains Granted              8  <=====
>Line Reversals                0      Blers                        10
>Link Timeouts                11      Link Naks                    31

>Data Compression       V42BIS 2048/32
>Equalization           Long
>Fallback               Enabled
>Protocol               LAPM/SREJ
>Speed                  31200/26400   <================
>Last Call              00:08:58

>Disconnect Reason is Unable to Retrain

>Configuration Profile...

>Product type           US/Canada External
>Product ID:            00178602
>Options                V32bis,V.80,V.34+,x2,V.90
>Fax Options            Class 1/Class 2.0
>Line Options           Caller ID, Distinctive Ring
>Clock Freq             92.0Mhz
>EPROM                  256k
>RAM                    32k

>FLASH date             10/30/98
>FLASH rev              5.0.0

>DSP date               10/30/98
>DSP rev                5.0.0

>U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT Link Diagnostics...

>Modulation                  V.34+
>Carrier Freq     (Hz)       1829/1920
>Symbol Rate                 3200/3200
>Trellis Code                64S-4D/64S-4D
>Nonlinear Encoding          ON/ON
>Precoding                   OFF/ON
>Shaping                     ON/ON
>Preemphasis      (-dB)      2/0
>Recv/Xmit Level  (-dBm)     19/13
>Near Echo Loss   (dB)       14
>Far Echo Loss    (dB)       42
>Carrier Offset   (Hz)       8274
>Round Trip Delay (msec)     6
>Timing Offset    (ppm)      9824
>SNR              (dB)       12805
>Speed Shifts Up/Down        0/0
>Status :

>Freq         Level (dB)

>150           57
>300           67
>450           68
>600           69
>750           71
>900           72
>1050          74
>1200          74
>1350          74
>1500          76
>1650          75
>1800          76
>1950          76
>2100          77
>2250          78
>2400          78
>2550          77
>2700          76
>2850          79
>3000          80
>3150          93
>3300          93
>3450          93
>3600          93
>3750          93

Best regards,

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