Looking for cheap V.34 for auto-answer (termserver)

Looking for cheap V.34 for auto-answer (termserver)

Post by Steve Moryt » Sun, 16 Oct 1994 04:52:49

I'm looking for a relatively cheap ($250) standalone V.34 that will function
in a modem pool connected to a terminal server. Rack mounts are just too darn
expensive! It should support at least 56K serial speed (115K would be great),
RTS/CTS handshaking,etc. Space is a consideration (I might have 50 or more)
and it would be best if the transformers weren't too big either.

Any suggestions?


1. Looking for auto-answer source codes


Could somebody over there tell me some ftp sites of source codes (freeware or
shareware) where I can get some source codes for auto-answering of phone call
and / or fax through modem? PC-based source codes are prefered. Any informaiton
is appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

S. Young
Dept. of Info.
Univ. of Tokyo

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