Anyone have any experience w/Cardinal MVP288iV (Voice)?

Anyone have any experience w/Cardinal MVP288iV (Voice)?

Post by Da » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Well?  I'd love to hear about it...I'm just about ready to buy one

I can get it through NECX for ~$150.

In truth, Dan

And for your patience, here's my favorite joke:

???What's the difference between a duck???
???: One leg is the same!!!


1. Cardinal MVP288IV OK but Faxworks Mailbox/Answering Machine Software Sucks

  I paid about $150 for the internal MVP288IV two months ago.  I'm
running it on Windows 3.1 on an Acer 486/66 w/ 8 meg memory.  It works
extremely well with Netscape.  I use a single phone line.  
  It also worked well as an answering machine using the boxed Faxworks
software from Global Village Communications, Inc.
  The problems started when I had the phone co activate caller ID about
three weeks ago.  I came home one evening and the computer was locked up.
 Ever since then, the answering machine feature has been haywire.  It
does not announce messages, prompt callers, leave a tone to begin
recording, or anything.  
  I reloaded the boxed software to no avail.  Then I spent nearly an hour
reading through plaintive calls for help on the Cardinal BBS.  I came to
a msg from the sysop touting a new version of faxworks.  I downloaded the
two self extracting files and an uninstaller, FWUNINST.COM.  Ran the
uninstaller and then exploded the files.  Then installed the new
software.  Some of the GUI had changed, but nothing worked on the
answering machine feathure.  It begins to play a greeting when there is
an incoming voice call, but then stops and hangs up the voice line.
  Furthermore, the modem would no longer reset after sending out or
receiving faxes.  
  I have no faith in tech support at Cardinal because one of my original
installation disks had two corrupt files.  I left msgs on their BBS which
were never answered.  I left them phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and my
street address.  They were absolutely no help and I had to get good
copies of the install files from my son.  (We both got the same modem at
the same time.)
  By the way, Cardinal's SYSOP misnamed the the files I needed.  But
that's understandable, I guess.  His or her message also warned:  "DO NOT
plug the audio cable from the modem into the soundcard [per
documentation], as the voltages are different and could wipe out your
sound card.  The audio cable should be plugged into an amplified
  Hang in there folks.  I guess this is what it's like to be on the
"bleeding edge" of technology!  :)

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